When moving, changing, living and wander lusting - It’s hard to comprehend what it will feel like before you're in it. A feeling ignites via a state of mind or a reaction in a MOMENT. Routines, thinking in excess and being a natural planner can cause me to want to perceive my reaction beyond a present moment. Which is why it is important for me to practice being present, adaptable and in touch with who I am. I know the minute I surrender to the moment, everything flows and this harmony can sometimes feel euphoric. But it has taken a bit of work... I recently moved from my home country, leaving all that I love, to seek romantic notions of travel in the UK and Europe. A week into my stay in the UK I was feeling uncomfortable. The environment was completely different to home. I briefly wallowed in this feeling. I felt numb; a lack of connection and love for my immediate place in time overwhelmed me. I even decided I wouldn't live there in the first few days (hasty I know...).

This was all due to the intense bonds I had created back home with the land, the people and the places. But I had to realise this experience isn’t about what I know and left (which will be there when I go home). It is about what I don't know and what I can learn from the here and now. I pushed through this wall of change by forcing myself to get immersed in my new environment. My feelings altered. I CHOSE to switch from a pessimistic outlook - to one of intrigue and discovery. Knowing you can always choose how you want to react is a comforting awareness. And realising I’m responsible for every decision I make in this world, holds me accountable for my own happiness.

NEW I’m starting to love this release of endorphins when indulging in the “NEW”. Even though I’m not a big fan of commercial consumption I will dabble and allow it to delight me. In the city, you're not short of things to see, hear and move to. You're not short of colourful characters to talk to and learn from. There are endless types of cuisine, to arouse your sense of smell and taste. And the history is prolific and captivating. All, which are new experiences contributing to my growth. Self-growth is never a bad thing and I see discomfort as a good sign of learning.

FLEXIBILITY Along with being present is the ability to be flexible. Whether it was losing my wallet on the first day, being paralytic with pain in the middle of Oxford Street, or seeking places to live. Each situation has an emotional state that requires mindfulness and in turn, adaptability. When you prepare to be flexible you're prepared for anything. In each of these situations, the stress or pressure to reach a resolution became a lot lighter. Going with the flow changed the experience from a "worst moments in London" to "a memorable part of the ride".

INSTINCTS My instincts are another thing I will always consider. When asked - and when I listen - my body gives me the answers. The gut is something I have learnt to never doubt when making decisions. And once again you can only experience a gut feeling in a moment. Not weeks in advance.

So as much as I wanted answers straight away on where i'll end up, I know falling into the moment is the only way to get them. So here's to feelin' it!

Rochy x