TIP : making money is a result - NOT A PURPOSE, BELIEF or CAUSE.

  • If you have answered this question already - great. It is time to design the rest of your marketing material.

  • If you cannot confidently answer with the purpose of your business, you’re in the right place. Contact Rochelle or read on to understand how you can regain confidence in your brand.

Authentic & ORIGINAL


Consulting for BRAND LONGEVITY

We crave authenticity as consumers. We need some evidence your company is real or relatable to gain trust. Brands earn our interest and respect not only by delivering on what they promise, but by telling us an intriguing story we haven’t heard before - with conviction.

Through the process of brand consulting we draw truths from your brand to develop a story, starting from ‘why does your business exist?’. It is a story you believe in and your market can trust enough to trade their money and time.

In this era of transparency you need to engage with your brand values (story) on a daily basis. One off-brand move can see your market leave in the click of a button. If you want to establish a long lasting brand - find your ‘why’ then create your story.


Rochelle Vranjes consulting uncovers what purpose your offering will serve. We tap into what is original and authentic about your story. We build the foundations for an effective logo, optimised website and marketing collateral.